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2018 Resolutions Part 3

Oh my goodness, it is that time again!  Time to commit to projects for the next three months.  My list is ambitious this time around, even more so than usual.

Let’s start with the very exciting news that my granddaughter is to be born next month(!).  This leads to a flurry of projects:


A quilt for her made from these lovely fabrics (or most of them) and this great pattern.  I am very fond of JayBird patterns, they are clever and go together smoothly.

Baby Quilt Plan


One of our family traditions is a cross stitch to commemorate baptism.  Even though she has yet to be born, her baptism is scheduled for September.  So here are some of the parts for that project.  I am part of a team which creates these for our church family, it is even more special when it is my family.

Baptismal Cross Stitch

There is a very excited almost big brother in the family.  He has already moved to his big boy bed so he needs a big boy quilt before the weather turns.  Here are some of the books I am looking at for this project.  I think something scrappy will be extra interesting for him.

Big Boy Quilt Thoughts

And then there are some other things to do…

For the past several quarters I have worked on seasonal blocks designed by Carol Doak, turning each set into a wall hanging.  You may recall seeing these finishes




Now it is time for Fall!  Here are the blocks (don’t worry, that one corner actually will be covered by fabric, some pressing will help it behave).

CD Fall!

I am continuing to work on that variable Ohio Star quilt.  This quarter saw all the blocks assembled into a top.  Next up–borders with cornerstones and then basting, quilting and binding.  My hope is to have it done.  I will be pleased with making more progress.  Here is an updated photo.

Ohio Stars Summer Update

Next up?  My Christmas themed Carol Doak quilt, from blocks she designed for her Yahoo Group.  This is also a long term project.  I got more portions quilted this past quarter and am hoping for even more progress.  My “stretch” goal is to get it done this quarter.  Here is an updated peek.

CD Christmas Summer Update

Tired yet?  I am and there are a few more projects to tell you about.

Next are some more bracelets to re-string.  Last quarter I re-strung 5 bracelets and found 5 more needing similar work.  Here is the new batch.  The bracelet in the green container lost some beads somewhere so I also have to make some choices about that.

Bracelets Summer Version

Last quarter I made my first Gadget Cushions.  And now that I know how to make them I am enthused about making even more, let’s say 4 this quarter.  Here are some components.

Lastly, I have been making Sweetpea Pods for awhile.  They have been well received at various gift giving occasions.  It is great to have some on hand so let’s say I will make 6 this quarter.  Maybe I will even venture into some “masculine” looks?  Here are some of my on hand supplies.

More Pea Pod Parts

Whew!  Thanks for looking.  Catch my progress in three months!  I can’t wait to find out how far I got.


7 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions Part 3

  1. You have such a lovely assortment of projects. I am always impressed when I see how many different kinds of projects some sewists can do. I hope that you are making progress on your list and look forward to seeing what you have finished. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck!


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