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While Looking For Something Else

I recently got a new computer.  This is not fun, especially as it always involves locating and installing everything I like to use.  Luckily my hard drive remained intact so my documents and pictures are all available for copying and pasting.


However, programs are another matter.  I use Quicken to manage checking accounts, this is extra important because (1) 2016 just ended and I want to get ready for filing our taxes, and (2) our bank statements just arrived and I am the kind of person who likes to balance accounts monthly (down to the last penny).


The last time I upgraded I had to get a new Quicken as the 2000 version could not keep up (go figure!).  We could not find the Quicken 2014 box anywhere!  In the process, we found many things we no longer need and/or which no longer work.   There are several recipients identified for this electronic bonanza.  Although I am not at all sure that anyone will ever use the portable cassette tape player I found at the bottom of a stack of (once) important items.


Finally, I realized that there was no Quicken box as I had downloaded the upgrade almost three years ago.  In an even better stroke of good news, the download was still available.  AND, the files from the most recent updates to my accounts were on the old hard drive.  So my new computer is now running Quicken, I did not have to retype any financial transactions and the newly moved files recognize my passwords.


Life is good!  Now, on to figuring out why I kept so many e-mails (well, after I finish reading for tonight’s book group, do some laundry and finish up some promised quilt blocks).

One thought on “While Looking For Something Else

  1. I love it when we have a stroke of good luck and it seems like you did with Quicken! We are also on a path to try to finish up some UFOs. I’m not quite sure how there’s UFOs stack up so quickly, but I blame the fast moving world of quilting!! So nice to see you here!


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