Quilting Victory!

Sewing in the Dark

Last month I was in some hotels due to out of town work assignments.  Naturally I brought along some projects to keep me entertained during my down time.


What I did not consider was how dark hotel rooms can be!  This particular hotel (which I hope to never visit again for a list of reasons) had very few lights, and not all of those present were at full strength.  They did not respond to my requests to repair the broken lights or to replace the burned out bulbs.  So here is what I was able to do:



It was not optimal but I did get some paper piecing done.  And Frances, the Featherweight, got some exercise.  Luckily, she had recently been retrofitted with a LED bulb so I could  see a little bit while sewing in that cave of a room.  Next time, I will bring along some lamps of my own.



OK, I heard you asking–here is the list of reasons I provided to the travel coordinator about not using that hotel again:

breakfast is boring and minimal

only one ice maker works in the entire hotel

they do not respond to maintenance requests–my room had lighting issues which were not resolved during my stay

elevator stopped working for 10 minutes while I was trying to check out

water in the pool is a color I have never before seen in a pool

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