Observations from my yoga mat

Putting A Face On It

Today I was trying to continue with the advice to keep my eyes closed during poses so I could better focus.  Early  in our session, I realized that my face had responses to yoga.  While I could not see my face (even had I opened my eyes) it made me think of something my grandmother said.  It relates to these two pictures:


Her point was that people often appear as though they are saying the name of the tree on the left.  You know it, yes?  It is a Hemlock.  Think of it as hemlaaahhhhck so your mouth is open and inanimate.

It is better to say the name of the tree on the right.  Of course you know that it is a Spruce.  Your mouth has much more of an uplifted and happy expression while saying that.

I don’t know if that thought is original to my grandma but her point is excellent.  Even in yoga, with my eyes closed, I can be attentive to how my mouth looks.  And a pleasant expression is a great start.

And I can be attentive to my posture and breathing without thinking about everything else, but that is a long term project.  Baby steps!

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