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This was our word of the day.  We put it into play as we entered some poses twice, pausing after the first time to consider what we might change.  I did come to realize that you never enter the exact same pose twice.

It is also true that I focused on my yoga more than usual.  I did not even start to think about my next quilt project until the final pose, Savasana (and I really think teal thread will be the right choice).   Perhaps there is a value to reflecting?

Then,  I read something of interest this evening.  In an Op-Ed about some essays nominated for the Sidney Award, David Brooks writes about Paul Christman’s essay “On Being Midwestern”.  The key sentence from Brooks’ article is:

The grid road pattern one sees across the Midwest was laid out so that children would grow up no more than 1.4 miles from a schoolhouse.

This is significant to me because during my Illinois childhood, we could only ride a school bus if we lived more than a mile from school and that bus was free if we lived 1.5 miles or more from school.  So, reading the above sentence made everything click into place.  A school district which deviates from the 1.4 mile expectation has to pay for the bus rides involved.

And if you have time, please read the whole article and follow the links to read the essays.  Here you go:

Happy reflecting!  May you enjoy what you discover.

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