Quilt Plans

2019-3rd Quarter

First up is this Wedding Quilt for my daughter and her fabulous fiance. Discerning readers have been seeing a bunch of fabric and a pattern for some time. I am pleased to present to you…three blocks! The wedding is September 1 and the couple plans to display the quilt then. Guess what my priority project is?

3 made, 35 to go…

Next up, is a yellow and blue graduation quilt for my niece. Last quarter I showed a stack of blocks. Now I am showing you an almost completed top. All that is needed? Borders, backing, basting, quilting and binding. No sweat! And I am hoping to give it to my niece when we are together at the above mentioned wedding.

This Ohio Star quilt has not seen any completed work since I last shared a picture. Maybe this quarter? I did enter it in my guild’s random UFO challenge so perhaps that will get it nudged along.

My Christmas Carol Doak quilt has also not seen any action this quarter. I did get a suggestion to use invisible thread in the creamy fabric area. If you have thoughts about that, please share in the comments below. This has also been entered in my guild’s random UFO challenge.

This is not a large project, one might think I would have worked on it recently. Sadly, one would be wrong. It needs to be trimmed, have the background fabric added, and then be quilted and bound.

Thanks for looking and please wish me luck with my ambitious project list this quarter!

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