Observations from my yoga mat


Today was a yoga class over Zoom, the best way to have class yet stay home. This was with my usual instructor so no big surprises about what we would do or how it would proceed. And it felt great to have class and stretch out.

As some regular reader know, I am challenged by being distracted in yoga class. To that end, I take off my watch, re-adjust the class clock, and try diligently to stay focused on yoga.

Well! Today my computer and mat are in my quilting lair (formerly known as my sons’ bedroom). There is enough space and the wi fi worked reasonably well. But there are reminders of the projects I am working on, and the ones I should be working on. If I am close enough to the computer to see my instructor or doing postures at the top of the mat, then I can see the time in the lower right hand corner of the screen (although this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I do not wear my glasses during class). And I noticed other things which need to be done within my lair.

FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, I know! This is what I think to think about and be humbled by over the next few days.

Hoping you are safe and healthy during this pandemic.

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