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Spring Into Action

In the first quarter of 2017 I finished the two projects I planned to finish, without really much of an effort. They were both well on their way and it was a chance to see how this whole Finish A Long thing works out. Don’t know if it is because it is Spring and that feels full of possibility or if I am feeling over confident, but I am committing to five (yes, FIVE) projects for this quarter.

Here they are:

Mickey Depre came to my guild a few years ago. I took a hexie workshop with her. These three flowers are wanting to become part of a table runner. The other fabrics in the picture may (or may not) become part of said table runner.







     Carolyn Friedlander just visited my guild. I took a class with her and made this Shirts block. The gingham is from a rescued shirt, there are plenty more of those on hand. My vision is to include three or so of these blocks into a placemat, for this exercise I am committing to four placemats.






The pattern Mini Tiny Dancer has been kicking around my lair for two years or so. It is now time to make something, probably a table runner. I plan to use this lovely group of 5 inch squares and that rolled up fat quarter. The Mini Hex N More should make it an easy project to prepare.





I did just have dinner, interesting that these first three projects all have to do with meals and attractive tables! Time to change it up.


These flowers were made as part of an exchange through Carol Doak’s Yahoo Group. Some of them are going to be the focus block for an upcoming class on UNexpected Quilting Designs with Donnalee Design Studio.








And lastly, this sad quilt was made 12 years ago as a high school graduation gift. As you can see, it has had a lot of use and probably too much laundering. I am going to try to stitch up some of the worst holes and re-attach the binding.  The red is the backing, the large green area is the border and the same fabric is the partially detached binding.  The blocks are Crossroads to Jericho.

4 thoughts on “Spring Into Action

  1. Yes optimism! You can totally get these five things done and if not, just roll them over to the next quarter! Thank you for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts!


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