Quilting Victory!


While making a purchase recently, I was asked by the cashier if I knit quilts.  This was so confusing I asked what she said.  She repeated the question, gesturing at my shirt.  That gave me some context for her query.


No, I do not knit quilts but I do like to make them,  She has an interest in quilt making herself, she does some crafts and is feeling ready to jump in.  So we chatted briefly about how there is a new quilt shop in Rock Island (www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com) and I went on my way, reflecting on the conversation.

It would have been easy enough to make fun of her question and miss the chance to welcome someone new into quilting.  And, maybe by sharing this with you, my esteemed readers, I am still kind of making fun of her.  It is my hope that I managed to welcome her into the ranks of my quilting sisters and brothers while maintaining my sense of humor.

Knitting a quilt?  Just when I think I have heard everything…

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