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Eugene Onegin

This is an opera composed by Tchaikovsky.  Apparently the story is based on a lengthy poem by Pushkin.  I watched this as an HD re-broadcast last night.  There were 6 of us in our theater.  The rest of you missed a wonderful production or maybe you were at another theater (or saw it either live at The Met or on Saturday’s original broadcast).
Here are some things I learned:
Pushkin’s poem is well known to Russian children.  In case you had not heard of it (and I had not), here is some more info


A key phrase from the first song is, “Heaven sends us habit in place of happiness.”  This is sung by two women considering how their lives are no longer ruled by romance.  This phrase struck me as something worth remembering, I am sure the other 5 people in the theater really enjoyed watching me scribble it as the opera unfolded.  However, I take issue with that concept and knew that you would all want to consider it with me.

Do we really settle into routine and no longer pursue our dreams?  Certainly we do develop habits and predictability.  I really hope these are in support of and not instead of our dreams.  And maybe some of our habits make us happy, or at least contented. It is also fair to say that some of our habits, such as work, help to support the pursuit of our passions and joys.

Your thoughts?

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