Observations from my yoga mat


I stayed at a hotel earlier this week.  When I walked into the room, I thought it smelled like a yoga studio.  Then I found dead carnations on the back of the bathroom door and that captured my attention.  And I shared the news of the carnations with many people at the conference I was attending (as well as my Facebook friends).



Today I went to my yoga class, it did not smell exactly like the hotel room although I understand why I made the connection.  There were similarities.

My instructor talked about the essential oils which were in the diffuser* today.   At some point while I was on my mat stretching in a way I do not usually stretch, it all became clear.  The yoga studio does not smell the same way each time.  Nor am I the same person each time.  Today we were a bit silly and chatty in class.  Today the room had a mix of tangerine, patchouli, and lavender oils (and maybe something else as well).  Today I stretched into certain poses and held them in certain ways.  All of that might be different the next time I go to yoga.


*Not the diffuser from last week’s yoga post.  This one would be a diffuser for the essential oils.  Another point to ponder on another occasion is the existence of two types of diffusers in one yoga room.

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