Observations from my yoga mat


My yoga mat has textured ribs.  Today I learned that there is a raspy noise when I am dangling my fingers while in a forward fold.  As you might imagine, this also involved  my finger nails.  It makes me think of a zither.  It did not seem to clash with the background music.

As we were leaving the building, one of the other people commented that feeling the wind explained the noise she was hearing during class.  I had not heard that at all, interesting how different people hear different sounds.

As an added pondering bonus, I wore my watch in yoga today.  Hopefully this was a one off as I found myself deliberately not checking the time.   There is a clock which my instructor can see.  I think she is the only one who needs to monitor the time. Keeping track of breathing and positioning of various body parts is enough responsibility for me!

My Yoga Mat

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