Observations from my yoga mat · Quilting Victory!


There was a substitute yoga teacher today.  I was more than a little apprehensive about this.   I am so very new to yoga and did not want to be pushed (too much) past my comfort zone.  It turned out fine.  She had some familiar poses and some new ones for us to try.  Some of her phrasing was similar, some was new to me.  I had a good work out and I marveled at how yoga could be similar and different at the same time.  Next time this happens, I hope to be a bit quicker to relax and maybe learn something new.

I have been working on finishing up a project.  In my planning, I was going to use a particular fabric for some of the final steps.  During yoga, while I was pondering change, it came to me that there is a better fabric choice to consider.  My very next step is to go to my fabric stash and see if I have enough of that fabric to use that way and, if so, how it looks in that project.

Sometimes you have to step away, at least a little bit, to become aware of options.

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