Observations from my yoga mat · Random Thoughts


Yoga was directed by the word allow. My instructor said this had to do with allowing one’s body to move into new positions and to allow for possibility.

My immediate response was that my week had much to do with resistance. As I spent time on my mat, I thought about this disconnect.

I participated in a rally this week. The purpose was to oppose hateful flyers which had been distributed around town and to stand against the protesters in Charlottesville VA. This was definitely about resistance. However, it was also about endorsing love, acceptance, and difference. As we walked I was heartened by the support of those driving past us. One woman circled us four times, each time she was honking, waving, and smiling. And we allowed ourselves to be photographed, videoed, and reported on. I am in the background of some of this material.

My book group discussed “The Resistance” by Peter Steiner. It was about French resistance during WW II. This led us to a lively discussion about resistance, political awareness, safety of our neighbors, and more. I was especially impressed that we managed to have a great conversation even though we do not all agree on political points. Maybe it is important to allow for the opportunity for people to consider different points of view.

And now I am visiting in a place where many people do not agree with many of my political or religious views. I am considering how much of those I should allow to be known. Part of me says that it is important to tell my truth, part of me says it is important to remember about being a guest, and part of me says there could be the possibility of a good conversation. Resistance feels easier in a comfortable place.


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