Observations from my yoga mat


This was our yoga word of the day. Our instructor used it to think about entering a position, perhaps starting the movement slowly, pausing, and then trying to go further.

I found it to have multiple meanings for my yoga practice.

Someone in class is a noisy breather. I needed to have patience with that. And not let it distract me from yoga.

Also, there is a clock in the room. It is small and positioned so the instructor can see it. I have found that it is possible to see it from certain places in the room. I was occupying one of those places, I will not do so again. It is hard for me to have patience with myself when I am considering how much longer we will be in class or how much longer we will be working on certain poses.

And I practiced patience by letting this post sit for several weeks in draft form. There is more that I thought about but discarded as not being relevant. Maybe it will appear later, or not.

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