Observations from my yoga mat


This morning started like a well oiled machine, everything was packed in my car for each activity. As I was heading from my last errand to yoga (early!) I realized that I forgot my yoga mat. So that extra time was taken up by going home to get my mat. This led to rushing into yoga at the last minute. And I forgot to move the clock.

As faithful readers know, I don’t like to be aware of the time during my yoga practice.


And here


I did manage to not check the time. Maybe that kept me from thinking about other non-yoga things. But I kept thinking about not looking at the clock. Not so sure that was a victory.

Then, I felt this cold slippery thing glide down my neck. It was, my earring! Apparently one should not wear dangly earrings while attempting a Reclining Pigeon. Who knew?

The culprit

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