Observations from my yoga mat


My yoga instructor told us this had been the word guiding her practice this past week. She then spoke about changing our various yoga postures in a way meant to challenge not demand our bodies.

This is all well and good. However it made me think of other areas involving adjustments.

Last week I realized it was not a good idea to wear a loose fitting polo to yoga. At various times it can lead to a sense of breathing into a small space while also viewing one's cleavage. Neither of these are appealing to me. So I wore a closer fitting polo this week. The breathing space seemed even smaller, the view was still present. The next adjustment will involve a different type of top.

This past week has also yielded changes in some of my employment. I am not quite sure where that is headed. The current adjustment is in my ways of thinking not in my actual responsibilities. The rest will follow, perhaps there are even ways I can guide some of the changes. And I seem to have the possibility of a new venture altogether.

The last part of my consideration has to do with who is in charge of my life and the current adjustments presenting themselves. I keep thinking I am in charge. This may not be true.

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