Observations from my yoga mat


My yoga instructor is reading The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu.  This week’s yoga practice was based on one of the pillars in that book, forgiveness.  On the yoga mat, this involved a lot of twisting and softening.

In my reflections, this led me to consider the bitchy e-mail I received just before leaving for yoga.  I did not dash off a reply as I knew I needed to let it sit.  It was just as unpleasant upon re-reading after yoga.  However, I was a bit more charitable in my response.

I also thought about how Yom Kippur was just about to start.  This was a topic in the locker room earlier that day.  Atonement or at-one-ment is an important part of any religious practice.  Is it enough to ask forgiveness?  Or does one also have to receive forgiveness?

And then I considered the story I heard recently from someone who recently received an apology for something which occurred over 40 years ago.  While an apology is always nice to hear,  I wonder how heartfelt is is after all that time.  And, should one attach significance to the lack of sobriety on the part of the person apologizing?

Your thoughts and observations, gentle readers?


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