Quilt Plans


Of course you noted that the post title is 3/4 of 2017.  That is because 2017 is 3/4 through and I am making plans for the final quarter of the year.

First up is this project:

Sad Twelve Year Old Quilt

I have been “working” on it for 6 months (and that does not count how long it has been hanging around waiting for attention).  This quilt was made 12 years ago and has seem some hard use since then.  I have re-attached the binding.  My next plan is to do what I can about where either the thread came away or the fabric shredded.  And then give it back for some gentler use.


Next up are these seasonal Carol Doak blocks.  I have one for each month of the year.  My plan is to do something with the winter blocks in the fall and continue in like fashion for the next several seasons.  So, this quarter I will make these three blocks into a wall hanging.Winter Carol Doak Blocks


Next up is an almost pieced Carol Doak quilt top, made in Christmas fabrics.  I can’t quite recall how far I got in making some ginormous blocks to go around the outside, hopefully farther than I fear I did.

Carol Doak Christmas


These fabulous blocks were from a Carol Doak Block of the Month designed for those of us in her Yahoo group 2013-14.  I even more or less kept up with constructing them as they were shared with us.  It is now time to make the quilt.

Carol Doak Bright and Bold.jpg

And before you ask, not all of my projects are Carol Doak projects.  The next item is Bonnie Hunter inspired.  A group of us exchanged Ohio Stars in 1930s repro fabrics.  This evening I figured out that they could be a queen size quilt with just a few extra blocks(!).

Ohio Stars Inspired by Bonnie Hunter


Lastly, I plan to make some more Sweetpea Pods, let’s say four.  Here are some of the fabric candidates.

Sweetpea Pod Supplies



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