Quilting Victory!


Several years ago (isn’t that a lazy way of saying I don’t want to look it up?) I made some monthly blocks designed by Carol Doak.  My plan became to form them into seasonal wall hangings.  It is now my pleasure to introduce you to Winter!

Carol Doak Winter BlocksIt is my plan to work on each of the other seasons over the course of the next year.  Then this entire project will be done!

For those of you keeping track, this marks my first completion of the 4th quarter of Finish A Long 2017.  Here is my post of proposed finishes :


SPOILER: Even though I have worked on almost all of these projects this quarter, they won’t all get done (at least not this quarter).

5 thoughts on “Winter

  1. A seasonal theme worked on throughout the year sounds perfect. There’s nothing wrong with rolling over goals to the next quarter and getting them done eventually is what it’s all about. Congratulations on checking a goal off of your list. Thanks for linking up to 2017 Q4 FAL on behalf of the Finish-A-Long hosts.


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