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2018 Resolutions Part 2

It is that time again!  I need to plan my next quarter’s worth of projects.  And apparently I am feeling ambitious, there are seven projects this time.  Maybe it has something to do with the glimpses of warmer weather we have been experiencing?


In random order, here they are:

These seasonal blocks will become a wall hanging.  I have been working on their siblings for the past two quarters, Winter (https://ponderingitall.blog/2017/11/28/winter) and Spring (https://ponderingitall.blog/2018/04/04/spring) are under my belt.  It is now time for the Summer blocks.  These were designed by Carol Doak some time ago and should soon be ready for my wall.

CD Summer!


Next up are variable Ohio Stars.  They have been appearing on my to do list for a few quarters, the good news is that progress has been made each quarter.  I now have enough blocks made, most of them are sewn together and I have a placement plan for the rest.  If you look carefully you can even see the  border and backing fabrics in the upper right corner of the picture.

Ohio Stars Spring Update

Much of my quilt progress is made at retreats.  It is also where I sometimes get myself into trouble due to the inspiration around me.  I saw a Gadget Holder which looked really clever.  Then I learned that it could be made with fusible directions and some walnut shells (all of which were available for purchase at retreat).

Here are the parts:

Gadget Holder Instructions


Gadget Holder Walnut Shells

Check out my progress at quarter’s end, you should be able to see two of them.

I really like to wear bracelets.  Unfortunately, they require some maintenance from time to time.  I have 5 bracelets which need to be restrung.

Here they are in their sad state:

Sad Bracelets

They will each be looking much better (and able to be worn) by quarter’s end.

In 2015 I attended a religious event which included liturgical dancers utilizing strips of fabric, most appeared to have come from purchased jelly rolls.  Prior to the dance, participants were invited to write visions of the future.  After the event the strips were made available to us.  I ended up with enough for two quilts or so.  I made a batch into a fundraising quilt and have been holding on to the rest waiting for the right occasion.  That is now, I will make these into a quilt to honor a leader’s retirement.  Here is a photo of some of the collection:

Retirement Quilt

I am very fond of Joan Hawley’s Sweetpea Pods, I have made some for the past several quarters now.  This is no exception, I plan to make 4 using some of the these fun fabrics and the pictured zipper parts.

Pea Pod Parts Spring Edition.jpg

Last but not least, I will work some more on this Christmas quilt designed by Carol Doak.  It has also made several appearances on my list.  In this past quarter, I started quilting it.  You can (maybe) see that in the picture below.  My goal is to finish it, this quarter or another.

CD Christmas April Update

Thanks for reading.  And my thanks to the organizers of Finish A Long 2018.  It has helped me to plan and commit to projects each quarter.  Catch my progress in July!



11 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions Part 2

  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yours is exactly one year older than mine and reading it from the beginning has given me inspiration on the direction I would like to take. I love your quilts, especially the Carol Doak designs. I’m off now to write a blog post and sign up to follow yours!-then perhaps I might do some quilting instead of talking about it….M


  2. Great list! I love the retirement quilt. It will mean a lot to the receiver! On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining up!


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