The Tale of Five Bracelets

For the second quarter of the Finish A Long challenge, I committed to repairing 5 bracelets.  And that is what I did.  Yes, they all still need to have a trim.  That is a detail!


5 Bracelets Q2


The discerning observer will note that these are not exactly the 5 bracelets I planned on repairing.  For details, see:


One of the bracelets could not repaired within my current time and equipment constraints.  So I called an audible.  That is the unusual sound you heard, part disgust, part damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, and part I did it my way.  So, I repaired 5 bracelets and am claiming victory.  It is my intention to repair that other bracelet, along with some others, during this upcoming quarter.

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