Observations from my yoga mat


Yesterday’s word for my yoga class was slow. The idea was that we would be deliberate (and slow) in our practice. We slowed our breathing as well as our movements. It is good to be reflective, although this also means some incredible core work.

As I was moving slowly, I looked often at my bracelet. I selected it because yesterday was International AIDS Awareness Day and red is the color for that concern. Gazing at it made me think about how a small action leads to a slow development of a lifetime condition. My bracelet was made in Kenya, some countries on that continent have had a slow and confusing response. In my country, the response was also slow and confusing. Over time, attitudes and medical developments have improved that response in some places.

It is my privilege to serve on the board of an agency offering housing to people living with HIV/AIDS. I am sorry to say that there are new diagnoses, particularly among younger people. It would be great to be able to close our doors because of a cure or a lack of stigma or both.

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