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2018 Resolutions Part 1

2018 has rolled around and it is time to think about which projects get my top attention.  This first quarter has six candidates for finishing.  Three are re-runs (with progress made on each since first listed) and three are new to the list.

Here we go!

These seasonal blocks, designed by Carol Doak, were made several years ago.  It is time to make them into a wall hanging, joining their Winter colleagues in the finished column.  Look for Summer and Fall blocks to make an appearance on future lists, until they will all be DONE.

CD Spring!

Next up, another Carol Doak project.  She designed this as a two color BOM project, I made it with Christmas fabrics.  The top is complete, basted and ready for quilting.  I even bought some zippy looking red thread (on sale, naturally).  Let’s do this!

CD Christmas

Finishing out my Carol Doak party is this Bright BOM.  Last time it appeared, the blocks were in a pile.  They are now pieced together, basted and partially quilted and bound.  I am really looking forward to getting this done.  A quilting friend referred to this as a happy quilt, who am I to disagree?

CD Bright BOM

In 2016 or so, I traded two sizes of Ohio Star blocks in 30s fabrics.  They were in a pile, I made them into a top.  AND then, decided the top was not big enough(!).  So, I need to make 42 more blocks (and cut 23 more 6.5 inch squares) to make a queen size top.  It will even have cornerstones in the border.  Have I lost my mind?

Here is the current top.

Variable Ohio Star 30s Style

Once upon a time, I did counted cross stitch.  This piece is almost done, I will need to look it over carefully to figure out what is needed.  For sure, it needs to be washed, blocked and framed.  Maybe there is some more stitching required.  It will definitely look better on my wall than it does in the photo.

Cross Stitch

Lastly, I want to make some more Sweetpea Pods.  They are so handy to have around, as gifts or maybe even to use myself.  My plan is to make 4 this quarter.  In the photo you can see my zipper and zipper pull supplies as well as some fabric I might use this time around.

Pea Pod Parts

The list is ambitious but possible.  Catch my progress in three months!


8 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions Part 1

  1. That’s an excellent list. (I agree, that quilt is happy.) On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining in. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the finishes!!


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