Observations from my yoga mat · Random Thoughts


We have been working on the various elements in yoga recently. The final element was Space. As I understood it, that has to do with connections and relationships. Well! That was apparently all I needed to send my mind in a million directions. And lately I have been doing much better at focusing on yoga and not on everything else in my world.

So, on the way to lunch (possibly one of the best parts of the yoga experience) I started capturing all those random thoughts. Some of them were easily dealt with by a text. Some are still in progress a day and a half later. And that list is getting longer rather than shorter.

Here is what I did do. Respond more fully to a friend’s update on a lengthy task. Send a pleasant inquiry to someone with whom I struggle. Send out information on Postmodern Jukebox (concert tomorrow night, can’t wait!) to some yoga friends. Share information on a laser guidance system provoking conversation in an online quilting group. Ask where the DVD is, before I need it for my class on Sunday. Make a separate list of issues I need to discuss with my supervisor on Monday.

Here is what still needs to be done. Send out e-mails scheduling meeting participants. Tell some friends how much I appreciate their snowblower which they sold to us before moving South a few years ago. Tell some other friends how I thought about a much missed friend of ours as I did the camel posture (or is it pose?) in class.

And all these things connect me to so many parts of my world. I am grateful.

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