Observations from my yoga mat · Random Thoughts


For the past few weeks, we have been considering the various elements in yoga.  In the most recent class, our theme was balance–the joining of the various elements in our practice.  This led to more balance poses than usual (and I am still not very good at those) but also integrating the various elements into each pose, one at a time.

Yesterday I attended a Physics and Chemistry Show.  It was much fun, complete with some pyrotechnics, crushed cans and some other cool effects.  It was explained to us that nature seeks balance.  When one changes part of a system, such as by hooking up a vacuum pump or heating it the air, then the other part of the system reacts in a quest for balance.  This can lead to fun effects, requiring our experimenters to wear protective gear at times.

It occurred to me that, while fun for a stage show, the seeking of personal balance requires some careful calibration.  A change will lead to a new sort of balance.  Will this blow up in my face?  Or be the start of a new, positive direction?

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