Quilting Victory!

Doll Quilt Success!

As you may recall, I was going to take a class on ruler work with a domestic machine and make some doll quilts for further practice. That post is here:


I did take a ruler work class, such a fun and useful technique. The class was taught at Quilt Addicts Anonymous, using rulers designed by Angela Walters. And I did make three doll quilts.

It looks as though a line or two is missing here, just a trick of the lighting.

I really like the star effect here.

Bonus–my photographer’s feet!

These are not exactly the three quilts I planned on. That wrinkled red, white, and blue block was made out of sticky fabric (with a slit in an obvious spot) which appeared to have been stitched by an inattentive 4 year old. I am not at all sure where it originated. So I tossed it and substituted another block which had been languishing for some time.

Ruler work is an interesting technique, I am really glad I decided to start on smaller projects. And I identified some strategies for some other projects. Keep an eye out for those in finishes to come.

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