Quilt Plans

2019–1st Quarter

It is that time again–time to announce my quilt plans for the first quarter of 2019. It is a busy year what with two family graduations, one family wedding, and maybe some other things going on. So, with no further ado, let’s get to my VERY ambitious list.

First up is my Variable Ohio Stars quilt. You have been seeing this for a long time, in various stages of completion. It is now basted (at least until I ran out of pins) and some quilting motifs are drawn on it. I hope to get some quilting done this quarter.

Next is another long term project, my Christmas quilt with Carol Doak blocks. Sorry to say, nothing happened with it last quarter. Here it is, ready for some time and quilting attention. And, bonus, the more quilting I do here the more pins which will be available for the Ohio Star basting. Apparently I do not own enough pins to have two queen size quilts basted at once. Who knew?!

Here is one of the graduation quilts, the almost grad requested a yellow and blue quilt. The blocks are in process, the pattern is by Christa Watson found in the December 2018 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting .

The other graduation quilt is for my niece with an interest in secondary designs, hoping for a yellow, blue and black quilt. The 35 blocks are ready, I plan to use black sashing with white cornerstones. Most of these blocks came to me years ago in a block raffle at my guild and apparently were just waiting for this project.

I nominated a friend for a Quilt of Valor, it will be awarded this May. So I need to have it ready by then. My plan is to make it Stack and Whack style with some guitar fabric. His wife and I agree that guitars best reflect his personality. Here is the book and probable fabric.

I have made Sweetpea Pods before, several times. It now occurs to me that I would like to have some made in Christmas fabric, probably to store my Christmas earrings and necklaces. Let’s say two will be made this quarter. The picture shows a sample of another Sweetpea Pod, the likely fabric and my fabulous zipper and pull collection.

This weekend I am going to a class on ruler work, using my home sewing machine. Once I feel a little confident in this technique I will try it out on some doll quilts, an ongoing guild project. Here are some blocks I found in my stash, with some additional borders they will be great for a doll (and some ruler work practice). I plan to make three, wish me luck!

I may want to start with some pressing for that red, white and blue block!

Sue Rasmussen came to our guild this fall. I took her class on paper pieced curved flying geese. The picture shows you how far I got in class, I would like to finish it this quarter (maybe even using some of my newly acquired ruler work skills).

The background is not as faded as it appears here…

And, last but not least, there is that family wedding I mentioned. Here are some probable fabrics and the chosen pattern. I do own the recommended rulers as well.

Looking at this photo makes me realize that some of these fabrics may not be keepers.

6 thoughts on “2019–1st Quarter

  1. Lots of fun family celebrations for you this quarter! I hope you get lots of sewing time, too! I love your choice of the guitars for the stack-n-whack project. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.


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