Quilt Plans

2019–2nd Quarter

This quarter has me staring directly at several important deadlines. First up is a Quilt of Valor, to be awarded 5-5-19. You can see the general scheme below.

Four of the forty two blocks, each partially sashed.

Second is my niece’s high school graduation. As you may recall, she has an interest in a quilt with yellow, blue and black fabrics and with a secondary design.

Sashings are quilted, binding is on. And I have a partial quilting plan.

Third is another niece’s high school graduation quilt. She asked for a yellow and blue quilt. All the blocks are made (maybe more than I need as I had counting issues while working on this project…).

Plenty of blocks!

My next priority is a wedding quilt for my daughter and her fiancee. They are getting married in September.

Confession-I did not touch this at all last quarter.

These last three projects are not time sensitive. However, the two queen size quilts are both pin basted and I have few pins in my trusty pin container. So, I will need to get some more quilting done so I can use the pins in the wedding quilt. And, yes, I have bought some pins recently but this might be the incentive I need to get these long term projects moved along.

Carol Doak designed these two color blocks for her yahoo group. The red sections are almost quilted, I am struggling with which thread to use on the areas with the holly fabric.

Fewer safety pins this quarter!

The variable Ohio Stars were exchanged with some members of a group on Facebook. The design is based on one shared by Bonnie Hunter, we chose to use 30s repro fabrics. And I chose to make it MUCH bigger.

Also fewer safety pins due to some ruler work practice.

This was started Fall 2018 in a Sue Rasmussen class with my guild. The next step is to attach the background.

All the geese are in flying formation.

Most of these projects are chronicled here https://ponderingitall.blog/2019/01/18/2019-1st-quarter/

I am very hopeful that this quarter will bring several finishes!

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