Observations from my yoga mat · Random Thoughts

The Edge

My yoga instructor suggested we consider “the edge.” In yoga, I believe that suggests how far a pose can go before it becomes uncomfortable. This may be a degree of bending, an amount of straightening, or things like that. She wanted us to explore our edges and consider exactly where they are in our yoga practice.

This led me to think about other edges in my life. I have two long term quilting projects just about ready to wrap up (look for some victories to be posted soon). I am about to embark on an adventure, training for a new job. There is an upcoming medical appointment for a family member which may lead to some important decision making. And my daughter is getting married, in multiple ceremonies to meet various traditions.

All these edges are bittersweet in their own way, each suggests growth and change. Each also has an element of loss. Those edges can be embraced or avoided. Just as in my yoga practice, I want to explore those edges yet remain comfortable. Is that even possible?

Now the binding has been applied. This is the leftover binding, feels like the black was well measured. And the yellow does not have too much remaining.

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