Observations from my yoga mat


It has been a few weeks since I have been to yoga. I took my mat with me during my recent two week journey but good intentions did not get me on it.

So I was very pleased to be back in class. But several things did not go well and made class a challenge.

First, I forgot to move the clock. I only caught myself looking at it three times but I spent lots of time telling myself to not look at it.

Second, the noisy breather was there. And I now know for sure who it is as said noisy breather was on the mat next to me(!).

Third, I am apparently getting a sinus thing. That became quite apparent when on my back.

Here is the good news: I was in class and generally focused on my poses (when I was not thinking about that clock). So, I have a chance to make better choices next time (including my proximity to the noisy breather).


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