Observations from my yoga mat · Quilt Plans


October was a busy month for me, it included two different quilt retreats. Each of them saw me making great progress on my to do list. Several long term projects are coming to an end, so exciting!

The other day I saw a great quilt block, it looks like a snowflake and is designed for my preferred construction technique. While on my mat yesterday I remembered that I have a bunch of quilt blocks with wintry themes, safely stored together. That got me to wondering if I could use them and some possible snowflake blocks (there will be more from this source over the next year) to complete that quilt.

The next thing I know, I remembered another quilt project which has languished for an even longer period of time. And I think it may be perfect for the intended recipient now. There was an issue with one of the colors I chose but things have changed since then.

So, I just found the supplies for the project and am convinced that the colors are now perfect. Some of the project is cut out, the rest is ready to go once I track down the pattern to cut out the rest.

This will give me three active big projects, one in the binding phase, one in the quilting phase and one in the construction phase. Thanks to the snowflake pattern and my yoga time, I have clarity (and a plan for making that wintry quilt once more of those snowflake blocks become available).

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