Quilt Plans

2019-4th Quarter

After many finishes of projects for others over the past quarter or so (yay!), I am ready to focus on some quilts for my home.

First up is this Christmas quilt using paper pieced blocks designed by Carol Doak utilizing only two colors. Another member of her Yahoo Group developed this design. It has taken me many years to get to this point, not because it was hard but because other projects kept asserting priority. The quilt is now fully quilted(!). Remaining steps are to trim it, make and apply binding. I CAN DO THIS!

Gotta love my clothesline photography studio…

Next up is another long term project. This is comprised of Ohio Star blocks made from 1930’s repro fabrics. I participated in an online exchange and then made a whole bunch more. The current status is that all the white spaces, or negative spaces, are quilted as are the borders and some other blocks. I have done that with my newly emerging ruler work skills. Remaining steps are to quilt the rest of the stars, trim the quilt, then make and apply the binding. Finishing this is not as likely as the above project but still within the realm of possible.

I really like seeing the tree branches above this quilt.

Sorry to say, this project has seen no activity for months. I could certainly get it done, the hold up is attaching the background to the completed goose strip. This project was started in a class, some attendees will be on an upcoming retreat and I hope to get some hints from them.

All the geese are ready for flight.

Last up is a project which I have been working on since 2016, Ula Lenz designed it as a BOM for that year. It comes to every retreat and is fun to do. However, it does not have a deadline and tends to get pushed aside. As you can see, I have made 9 of the 12 stars. Five of them still need to have the black framing added, one of the framed stars needs a trim, one block is in progress (purples and greens) and two need to have colors selected. Oh, and I need to assemble the top, quilt and bind it. My realistic goal for this quarter is to make progress, that probably means finishing the partial star, selecting and cutting fabrics for the remaining two stars and getting some framing added.

You can see Ula’s work here https://www.lenzula.com/bom/2016/

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