Quilt Plans

2020 Vision 1st Quarter

Time to make plans for my first quarter of quilt projects. Some of the projects are going to look very familiar, and there are some new ones just for fun.

First up, Curved Flying Geese. I started it in a workshop with Sue Rasmussen (maybe in the Fall of 2018?). Last quarter the background became attached to the geese(!). Now to quilt and bind it. Here is a current photo:

Some trimming needed!

These black and batik stars have been kicking around for a few years (OK since Ula Lenz started releasing them as a BOM in 2016). I got one block center finished last quarter. What else is needed to move it into the finish column? Choose fabrics for the remaining two blocks, put black on 8 blocks, trim that one oversized block, set all the blocks into a top, quilt, label and bind it. Piece of cake! The project looks like this today:

And, my first new project for this quarter is not really new. It is new to this list and it is a surprise gift so please do not mention it outside of this blog. Years ago, when I was caught in the throes of Stack and Whack fever, I cut the floral fabric into triangles. And I bought the purple fabric, along with some backing fabric. Recently I purchased some hot pink for an accent fabric and cut some purple triangles. Here is my project so far, spread out on a pink background:

Next up are two related projects, they came from a Mexican Cross workshop with Linda Halpin, one of the most organized instructors I have ever encountered. First we made the larger blocks. Then, the smaller blocks are possible (from the cut away portions of the larger blocks). Perhaps both sets will be table runners, not quite sure yet.

The larger blocks
The smaller blocks, parts for two of them are in the zip lock bag

Last, and possibly most exciting, is a quilt for my grandson due in May. A Harry Potter quilt was requested. Since he is not yet sorted, all houses should be represented. I found this fabric

and am thinking about what might be a good plan. Perhaps there will be four sections, each in the colors of a house with the appropriate badge in the center.

I have a fat quarter of this sorting hat fabric

perhaps it will be part of the quilt, perhaps not.

So, thanks for reading my plan for Q1 of 2020. I can’t wait to get started!

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