Quilt Plans

Half Way There!

It is time to plan my next three months of quilt finishes.  I am starting with two which did not quite get done:


Sad Twelve Year Old Quilt

This quilt was a High School graduation gift in 2005.  It has been well loved and was returned for repair.  While I am not sure I can do it justice without re-making it, I needed to re-attach the binding and repair some of the more obvious fabric issues.  Most of the binding is re-attached, I have not started on the repair work.

Carolyn Friedlander Shirt Block

This shirt block was made in a class offered by Carolyn Friedlander.  My plan is to make it (and some of it’s friends) into placemats.  Let’s say four for this upcoming quarter.

What I think is especially great about this project is that the main fabrics in the shirt blocks are from re-purposed shirts, mostly from thrift stores.

I got most of the blocks made last quarter, did not get any assembled into place mats yet.



Now, on to some new projects for this quarter.



Second Mini Tiny Dancer Supplies

I made a Mini Tiny Dancer last quarter, so cute!  There are some left over fabric pieces (and binding for some strange reason) so I plan to make another one.  It will be a little different, more neutral fabrics and less colorful fabrics.


Sweetpea Pod Supplies

Finally, I took a Craftsy class from Joan Hawley recently.  It featured Sweetpea Pods and some clever things with zippers.  My plan is to make a few of them, using these fabrics among others.  Let’s say 6 Pods will be created.

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